The submissive Mantra

i belong to my Master.  my body, heart, and soul are His to protect and use as He sees fit.  i am His toy and will be used as He wants. 

i am a gift to my Master, His pleasure is my pleasure.  I take joy in His joy and want to please Him.

i am His; He will protect and nurture me.  i freely give myself to him.

i worship His cock.  i will beg to suck it.  It is my idol.  I live to serve all of my Master.

i will be His slut in bed, his caretaker, friend, and partner in life.  my body is beauty, He loves my mind, and He takes what He wants from me.

i belong to my Master.  i will make Him proud to possess me.

6 thoughts on “The submissive Mantra

  1. Sapphire By the Sea says:

    I love this!

  2. Tina Dambrino says:

    As a new submissive. This is what I strive for. Very informational. Thank you

  3. Aun Gornowicz says:

    The balance of my marriage has shifted over time. i would like to restore our marriage and relationship back to normal. In researching ways to accomplish balance, i stumbled across BDSM. i was very curious to say the least. i am very willing to be submissive to my Husband, however He is less receptive to take on the role of Dominate Male. i haven’t given up. i have become less mouthy, i am planning meals ahead of time when i work a 13hr shift. i am keeping laundry caught up, and trying to do things that i think would be pleasing to him or make his life better or easier. i would love more suggestions that might turn Him onto this lifestyle.

    • sheforhim says:

      On the US market there are over 250 models of cars. They exist because we are creatures of variety and what makes one person happy may not work for the next.

      Such is the case with relationships, BDSM, and hotdogs. Nothing tends to be perfect for more than a handful of people.

      I would start with challenging the idea that your relationship is out of balance. Does your husband feel the same?

      That is a good place to start the discussion, not even mentioning D/s or BDSM. See if you two are on the same place before even going down a new path.

      From there, perhaps open discussions about things you can do for him. Create expectations together.

      Make it less about the title of D/s and more about your relationship and what feels right for it.

      People love to get caught up in titles and that can get you bogged down in the wrong things.

      It could be that he is happy the way things are, in which case you could do things for yourself and try incorporating some D/s type play into the bedroom. Set times to talk to him and ask him if he likes the things you are doing. Start to build the new dynamic naturally.

      A little topping from the bottom might help him to see what he would get out of it. The issue might be that all he currently sees is what he has to put into it or he does not understand what it is you want.

      Use those efforts and communication to open the pathway for your relationship together.

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