Master’s Rules

In contrast to the title “Master”, like his submissive and everyone else, His life is bound by a set of rules. At times these rules may contrast with what people tend to view as the “norm”, however normality is really what we make it. Much like we chose to accept that an orange is actually orange in color, what makes things “normal” is what we select to define in such a way. The following are rules as it relates to His submissive:

  • He will not text and drive.
  • He will put her above all others.
  • He will maintain a budget for the family.
  • He will create a home maintenance schedule to complete projects around the house.
  • He will respect her.
  • her needs come before His wants.
  • He will push her limits in safe ways.
  • He will open doors for her as a sign of respect.
  • Each month, she will be rewarded for good behavior with a “night on the town”.  The activity is hers to select.  However all other rules will apply including clothing selection.

One thought on “Master’s Rules

  1. Very nice, I like these rules. Most of the rules you see today are of sexual manner. Rules should never have anything to do with sex.
    Our rules are a bit different being we are Master and Slave.
    I am really impressed.
    Much Love

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