Erotic Story: A Funny Thing Happened…

The other day I was heading into my local department store and I passed this car with a woman sitting in the driver’s seat.  For a second I did not think anything of it; but then I saw that her head was tilted back and her hands were lost below the view I had through the window.

I stopped in my tracks and turned around to get a second look; and that is when she opened her eyes.  We locked onto each other and it looked like a small moan escaped her lips. The windows were down so there was no way to really tell for sure. 

My mind thought “Masturbating in the parking lot? Hot!” 

To be fair, she might not have been making a sandwich or just resting; but it looked a lot like she was enjoying her alone time though.

I smiled at her and started to turn around.  That was when she proved my dirty mind was right all along. A slender pink dildo slid up into view and she ran her tongue down it staring at me.

I know, these things never happen! Who actually finds someone masturbating in a parking lot? A female someone?!?  I could not believe it myself; but there see was some twenty spots from the big superstore.

The dildo slides back down her body and disappears as the shock disapates from my mind.  I give her a little bow deciding to leave her to her friend.

Inside the store I head back to the men’s section to track down some jeans.  You guys you know what I am talking about, a strategic strike.  You get in, find some choice items, try them on, pay and get out! This is no gathering trip!

So I hit the racks and shelves in search of outfitting my lower appendages. The hunt goes well and I find myself with a handful of assorted garments to try on. I swing over to the dressing rooms and just my luck no one is around.

I make my way back to an open room, toss the clothes onto the bench and start to pull the door closed when a hand slides into the open space between the door and the frame.  The fingernail polish hints that it is a female hand, although, l who knows these days! I am wondering what store policy I broke to bring out the fitting room police as the hand drops from the door and in slides masturbating Mary from the parking lot.  Yeah, I made up a name… Since we shared such an intimate moment I felt she needed a name.

I am dumbfounded, she drops of sex standing there eying me like a hungry cat. I have no words and decide to keep my mouth shut and play dumb. Given that I am thinking with my cock at this time, ther  really is no playing dumb…

She pushes me against the back of the dressing room and lifts my hands over my head. Before I know it, I feel something around my wrists and hear a series of clicks. A deviant smile spreads across her lips and she shows me a spare zip-tie she had hidden in her shirt sleeve.

I start wondering if I am going to end up with a body part missing and wake up in a few hours with a note that says “Get to the hospital!” tacked to my shirt when she leans back against the door and slides her skirt down. Now comes the only words I ever heard her say, “You left… I prefer an audience” and from no where that dildo comes back into her hand.

She is like the Harry Houdini of the changing rooms. Things just appear and disappear when this girl is around! 

Grinning like a pleased little cat, that plastic cock slides between her lips. Her tongue visible below it as she spins it around. Unzipping her shirt she slid the dildo down to her tits. Rolling it around one nipple, then the other. It continued on its quest south as small little moans escaped her lips. Her pink little friend came to rest between her lower lips, pressed against her swollen clit.

I went to lower my hands and realized that they were trapped. I realized then that she had hooked me to the clothes hanger above my head and with two of us in the room it was my destiny to stay that way. Of course if the show is this good, a standing ovation from the audience is expected.

The buzz of the vibrator brought my attention back as she started to grind against that toy, sliding it along her cunt, letting it dip in and out. The moans intensified as she lifted a leg and pressed a leopard spotted high heel to rest next to my hip.

The grinding continued, she slid that fake cock deeper into her warm and wet cavern. Riding her hand in the process the sound of wet skin slapping reached my ears. 

Before I knew it she started to shake… her foot fell to the ground, the vibrator was whipped out of her pussy and it was like a dam burst. Her orgasm filled the room, flowing out of her. Splashing across the little bench, soaking the bottom of the mirror and leaving quite a mess on the clothes I had brought into the room.
She stood there leaning against the door for a minute.  Then she got dressed, opened the door and walked out. 

She looked back and blew me a kiss. The door closed and that was the last I saw of her. 

I did, however, lie about her last words. Right after the door closed, I heard her tell someone “There is a gentleman back there who could use some assistance.”
I came to my senses and realized that it would not be good to be found handcuffed in a dressing room. I jumped a little and was able to release myself from the hook; but not the zip-ties, I realized then she had used two and they still held my hands.

I picked up the pants I had brought in and fumbled with the door. Getting it open I bumped into a young girl in a store vest who was just about to knock on the door. I told her I am good to go and that I was going to grab a different size; but I think I found what I was looking for.

I walk out of the dressing rooms set off to find the hardware section. 

As for the pants… well, I bought a different pair. Those I left in the hardware section…

Next to a pair of cut zip-ties.

Erotic Story: Taken in the Alley

You glance down at your phone and notice it is after eleven, the drinks numb the suprise of the late hour as you look around at your friends.

It was ladies night and like always you had not planned to stay out late but fun, friends, and wine have a way of making time slip away.

You knew that it would not upset me, we had agreed that hanging with your friends would be good for you.  We do a lot of things together so some personal time is always needed.

You laugh at some joke a friend just made and hating to be the one to break up the party you tell your friends that you have to go.  

“Tomorrow is an early morning,” you tell them.

You pick up your purse and throw your scarf over your shoulders as you head towards the door of the trendy little wine bar your friends plan to hold down for a while longer.

The cool air of the spring evening hits you as you step out the door making you shiver a little.  

You make the turn towards where you parked, the sound of your heels clicking as you walk.

You make the corner next to the bar and pause, the alley ahead of you is bathed in shadow.  

Taking out your glasses you try to make out the details in the darkness ahead of you; but still have trouble seeing behind everything in the alley.

It did not look this dark when you arrived; but after all, the sun had still been up.

You take a deep breath and plunge into the darkness.

A smile slips across my face as I wait.  I saw the uncertainty on your face give way to determination as you took the first step towards me.

The sound of your stilettos makes me hard, I have been watching you for a while and your legs look amazing when you have heels on.

I wait there in the dark.

You are halfway through the alley as you pass the dumpster and you feel the gloved hand wrap around your mouth.

Pulled into the shelter behind the dumpster and shoved against the wall you try to scream but a wimper is all that escapes the hand over you  mouth.

I do not say anything as I force you against the wall, my hand still across your mouth as I reach down and push my other hand up your tight skirt.  You try to resist but I use my weight to push you hard into the wall. 

I grab hold of your panties and pull them to the side, shoving two fingers inside of you.  The invasion is violent, grinding against the lips of your cunt as I feel your insides try to reject me.

It starts that way as your body betrays you; moisture starts to lubracte my fingers as I pummel you.

I pull them out of you and grab your panties.  Yanking hard they rip off of you.  Part of the fabric falls to the ground, lost to the darkness but the majority comes away in my hand.

I lift it to my face and inhale, smelling your scent.

You try to think, but your thoughts are being strangled by the fear in your head and the heat between your legs.  You curse your body’s constant need to fuck and try to calm yourself down so you can get away.  You push and try to get away from the wall but your attacker is stronger, he holds you there using the weight of his body to stop you.

You hear him inhale, then something is shoved into your mouth, you realize immediately that it is your ripped panties.  The sound of them being torn away had gotten your body excited and fuck!  The feel of them in your mouth was not helping!

Why was it responding this way?!?  You try to focus; but all you can think of is the moisture between your legs and the feel of his cock against your ass.

You try to spit the panties out of your mouth but as soon as his hand moves away tape tapes its place securing the panties inside your mouth.

You hear the sound of his zipper opening and then all you can do is scream into your panties as both of his hands close around your wrists.

I grab hold of your wrists and use my feet to push your heeled legs apart, positioning my stiff cock against your cunt I drive it into you.

Your back arches and you scream again as I pump my cock into you.

I know this has to be quick, someone could come down the alley and that would create complications.  So I ran hard and fast into you.

I thump against your body, my balls slam against your clit as I take you.  Suprise strikes me as your cunt contracts and then explodes around my cock.  Your body shaking as the orgasm rushes through you.

“Oh My God!” Your mind screams at your body. Your pussy has turned traitor, cumming in some filthy alley!  You try to wiggle free but there is nowhere to go.  Your mind fights for control as your body tries to suck that cock in deeper.  “Fuck me, Fuck me, FUCK ME!!!” It screams.

You realize you want it.  You need to be owned.

A growl escapes my lips as my cock is driven deep inside you and my cum bursts into you.

I shutter against you, the last of my my seed spent.  I turn you around and look into your eyes.  The fear is instantly gone and I see the woman I love staring back at me.

I remove the tape and your panties and kiss you.  

Emotions flood across you, tears escape as you watch me pull my pants back up.  “I can’t… That was amaz… Thank you.”

When you had come up with this idea I was a bit suprised.  It was very daring for you; but… “You are right little one, it was amazing.”

I lead you to the car where I have some water and fruit for you.  We sit on the hood as I hold you close and we watch the stars above shine down on us and enjoy another chapter in our adventure.

Erotic Story: Then came the song…

We had just set up camp after a fun day of backpacking through the hills of Southwest Missouri.  Named the Ozark Mountains, they have trouble showing their face when the Smokey or Rocky mountains show up; but break up the Midwest nicely.  Providing Missouri with some great hiking and quiet areas where we can escape into.

I had started to collect wood for the fire and was returning from the small stream with water for boiling up our dinner while you were setting up the tent.  You had just tossed the last sleeping bag into the small Eureka! backpacking tent when the song came on the speaker.  Somehow the iPhone knew that was the time and place to let those lyrics free.

My lover’s got humour
She’s the giggle at a funeral

You froze as you heard the opening lyrics, I could almost see the thoughts running through your head “I want to be fucked to this song!”

Knows everybody’s disapproval
I should’ve worshipped her sooner
If the Heavens ever did speak
She is the last true mouthpiece

Your body starts to sway to the music, I doubt you even realize it is happening; but standing there in your sports bra and shorts, you look amazing as your body sways slightly to the beat.

I imagine your eyes are closed, feeling the music deep inside you, as your body responds releasing pheromones, calling out to me.  I set down the sticks I had found and place the water bottle on the ground next to them then slide up behind you.

Every Sunday’s getting more bleak
A fresh poison each week
‘We were born sick, ‘ you heard them say it
My church offers no absolutes
She tells me ‘worship in the bedroom’

My fingertips travel up your legs, my body an inch away from you, as my fingers glide over the top of your shorts I pull you back against me hard.  I feel you wiggle against my strengthening erection as I turn your head.  I press my lips against yours, tasting the sweat on your lips from our hike.  It was not that far at four miles, but it was your first backpacking trip and the trail was not the easiest.  I lick at your lips, tasting you, drinking your sweat from your body.

The only heaven I’ll be sent to
Is when I’m alone with you
I was born sick, but I love it
Command me to be well
Amen. Amen. Amen

I reach up and grab your hair in my hands, spinning you around I pull your head back just a bit, exposing your neck.  I bite and suck at your flesh, tasting – desiring more of you.  I push you against the tree our backpacks are resting against.  It is an old tree, having watched this valley for at least five hundred years.  Its children are scattered around us climbing their way skyward to get as much light as they can.

I push your bra up and pull at your nipples.   Your hands slide across my body as I grab one, then the other and grin at you.  In my back pocket is the rope I brought just for this situation; and I wrap it around your wrists.  

Ten times the rope travels around your wrists then between them, setting you under my control.  Then I tie th other end to a branch that is just out of your reach.  Leaving you exposed and vulnerable.

Take me to church
I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies

I spin you around, and unbutton your shorts.  Letting them fall to the ground exposing the pale flesh of your untanned ass.  My hand lands against your left cheek and draws back.  

Striking down against your right cheek I see my hand prints remain where I have turned your ass a brighter shade of pink.

I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife
Offer me that deathless death
Good God, let me give you my life

Again and again I paddle your ass as you spin slightly under the shelter of that old Oak, striking your ass in rhythm with the song.  Soft moans start to escape from your lips as I spank you.

Then I push your legs open, forcing you to hold onto the little bit of rope I left you as your feet slip wider.  I push my fingers inside of you, feeling your wetness.  A result of the my hand striking your ass and the music you craved having in the background as Daddy took you.

You grind against my hand as my fingers fuck you.  My other hand wrapped around your neck as I hold you in place.  I let my fingers hit your clit as I push two inside you.

Take me to church
I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies
I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife
Offer me that deathless death
Good God, let me give you my life

That is when you cum… grunting and begging for release.  I give you permission and watch as you shutter in the grip of the orgasm.

If I’m a pagan of the good times
My lover’s the sunlight
To keep the Goddess on my side
She demands a sacrifice
To drain the whole sea

As your orgasm subsides, I turn you around and put a folded towel behind you.  Lifting you at the same time I push you against the tree and ram my cock deep into you.

Get something shiny
Something meaty for the main course
That’s a fine looking high horse
What you got in the stable?
We’ve a lot of starving faithful
That looks tasty
That looks plenty
This is hungry work

I take you there against that elder tree as the chorus starts up.  My girth and length filling you as you gasp and arch against the tree.  The words “deeper – harder” fly from your lips and I oblige.  Pressing deeper into you as I push you against the tree with each thrust.

Take me to church
I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies
I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife
Offer me that deathless death
Good God, let me give you my life

I wrap my lips around a nipple and suck – hard.  Pulling you into my mouth I feel your desire get harder and clamp my  lips around it.  

Scraping my teeth along your nipple as I thrust into you I release your nipple you scream “PLEASE DADDY, I NEED TO CUM!”

But I laugh and slow down and your least favorite word comes out: “NO.”  

I keep you on edge…

Take me to church
I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies
I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife
Offer me that deathless death
Good God, let me give you my life

Then I growl into your ear “Cum for Daddy” and you let go.  Grunting and almost laughing as you squirt all over my cock, cumming so hard that it flows down my balls and drips from our bodies.

No masters or kings when the ritual begins
There is no sweeter innocence than our gentle sin
In the madness and soil of that sad earthly scene
Only then I am human
Only then I am clean
Amen. Amen. Amen

I take you off my cock and spin you around.  You hang there your hands grasping at the ropes to help you stay up as I push my cock back into your wet cunt and my hands slap across your ass.  Fucking and spanking you together I pound my cock into you, pull out and spanking that ass.  Over and over my cock thrusts into you as I turn that ass red.

Take me to church
I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies
I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife
Offer me that deathless death
Good God, let me give you my life

I pull out of you, grab a knife off the top of my backpack, reach up and take hold of the rope cutting you free.  I push you to your knees and stroke my cock inches from your body.  You instinctively grab your breasts and say “Please Daddy!  I need your cum on me!”  as you stare up into my eyes.

My cock stiffens then sprays cum across your tits, pulse after pulse the hot cum sprays you.  Coating your tits and the last spurt flies across your face, leaving a small trail across your lips.

Take me to church
I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies
I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife
Offer me that deathless death
Good God, let me give you my life

Your tongue slips out and tastes the treat I have left you as I sit down next to you, pulling you to me.  We stay that way for several minutes, the song over and a new one has come… our bodies intertwined and satisfied.


Author’s note: the song intertwined into story is Hozier’s Take Me to Chruch, one of my wife’s favorite songs.  I borrowed the lyrics from a Google search so I cannot take credit for their accuracy.

I realize the song the song is runs for only 4:01 and that I took some liberties with stretching time.  I hope you enjoy my vision put to ink.

Erotic Story: The Suprise

Business travel can sometimes carry a surprise or two while on the road.  Most are mundane trips to and from some office or plant.  I provide some service, training, or resource help and then return home.

This trip was not much different; at least until I was headed home a day early.  The schedule had called for me to return Saturday morning but there I was sitting in seat 4A on final approach Friday evening.

I grabbed my bags and hit the highway to surprise the wife and kids.  They were likely to be sitting around in the basement watching some Disney show or a movie and I would be able to get all the way downstairs without them being aware I was there.  It would be a great surprise!

I arrived home and found it dark and quiet.  No TV could be heard and I got the suspicion that the kids were not home as their shoes were missing from the closet.  A sure sign they were spending the night at one of the grandparent’s homes.

That is when I heard the soft moan float down from the second floor.  I followed the sound, stepping lightly up the stairs and down the hall.  My mind was racing, wondering what was going on.  Had my wife fallen asleep with a movie on?

As I came around the corner and could see into the master bedroom I saw my wife.  Her body turned away from the door and one of my dress shirts hanging open off her shoulders as her hands disappeared between her thighs.

I froze there in the hall, watching the show, after all it is not every day you get to catch your wife masturbating!

Another moan escaped her lips as her hands continued to explore, sliding back up her body.  It was at that moment that another pair of hands slid up her legs.  Long fingers ending in bright red polished and manicured nails caressed my wife’s thighs and drew lines down her legs as she shivered at the touch of those fingernails.

My wife collapsed backwards onto the bed as brunette hair rose up from where it had been hidden.  Below the hair was a pair of brown eyes and the soft features of the woman from down the street.

I tried to remember her name but my mind was no longer working.  As her tongue traced an invisible line up my wife’s thigh there was nothing I could do but stare.

Had I been forced to speak I may have managed a few monosyllabic grunts but at that moment every thought was drowned by the vision of my wife’s hands curling our neighbor’s hair and pulling her against that shaved pussy.

I felt the bulge growing in my pants, desiring freedom, desiring the two women before me; but I was like a deer caught in a pair of headlights, I stood there and watched.

As the neighbor’s tongue slid between my wife’s folds their eyes locked and then my wife’s back arched.  A growl escaped her lips as she pushed into the brunette’s mouth and pulled her deeper.

Hands slid across my wife’s 36C breasts as she tangled her hands in the head of hair between her thighs.

Their moans mixed together as my wife twisted and rolled against that tongue on her clit.

Then she exploded, soaking the neighbor’s face as she came.  The scream was primal, deep, and needy.  It was dammed near enough to make me cum right there in the hall.

A groan escaped my lips, I did not even realize it had happened until the activity in the room stopped and they looked up at me.  My wife upside down, the look of ecstasy on her face slipping away to confusion; but I took no chances and stepped into the room and pushed my cock into my wife’s mouth before she could say anything.

I started to pump into her and the look of confusion slipped away as she eagerly accepted my cock.

The neighbor had become frozen in place.  I leaned over and pulled her to me, kissing her while my hands explored her tits, pulling at each nipple, feeling the differences between her and my wife.  Then I whispered in her ear and she smiled.
Stepping away from my wife I realized she already was armed with what I had asked.  A massive dildo was hanging off a belt around her waist and she started to slowly push it into my wife.

At the intrusion into both ends of her body, my wife became wide eyed and started to moan around the length of my cock. She had always talked about how she found the neighbor attractive but I never thought she would actually act upon it, and never would have believed that I would catch the two of them together.  But those thoughts and concerns drifted away as my wife pulled my cock out of her mouth, looked up at me and spit onto my tip and pulled it back into her mouth as her mouth and throat started to vibrate around my shaft.  Her eyes rolling back into her head as the neighbor and I fucked her.

As I watched my wife cum again, grinding herself against the neighbor’s hips I pulled my cock out of her mouth and moved around the bed.  Sliding my hands over the neighbor’s body I pushed her down against my wife and pulled the support straps for the dildo to the side.  Her juices dripped off of the leather, leaving it slick to the touch as I lowered my mouth to her waiting pussy.  She was now slowly sliding in and out of my wife’s soaked pussy which made it easy to match her rhythm with my tongue.  At first letting it slide across her waxed mound, teasing her lips.  She shivered as my tongue slipped past her lips and slid the full length.  Then pushing past the puffy, sticky outer lips I burred my tongue inside her as she slammed back into me.  That was almost enough of a surprise to knock me over; but I recovered quickly and pushed her back down on my wife.  Slipping my fingers inside her, I let her juices soak them and then slowly slipped one digit inside of the wife’s tight asshole.  My other hand held the neighbor down as I attacked her cunt in earnest.  Lapping at her clit and cunt as I fingered my wife’s ass – the dildo still burred inside her.

Neither girl could move much, my wife trapped below the neighbor and her trapped by my hand as I flicked my tongue against her clit.  Slapping at it over and over, letting it dart inside her, and then tease her ass.  Tonguing every available space.  I felt her body go tight just as the orgasm took over.  She screamed and pressed her face back against me.  I lapped up her cum and then let my hand fall down her back to play with her ass.

As she came down from her orgasm, I stepped back and told her to lay down on the bed.  Then I helped my wife up and kissed her deeply, letting her taste the flavor of the neighbor; and I knew then, as my wife’s tongue ran along my lips sucking the neighbor into her own mouth that this was not the first time she had known that taste.

I turned the wife around and had her climb onto the dildo, still standing proud.  Gleaming with my wife’s juices it was looking straight up at the ceiling as the neighbor was laying on her back now.  My wife straddled that big fake cock and started to impale herself on its length.  Soft moans escaping her lips as she devoured that fake cock inside her cunt.

I reached into my bedside table and pulled out some lube, letting it drip onto my fingers I then circled them around her anus and let them slip inside her, lubricating that tight space.  Then I liberally applied more to my cock and got behind her.  Pushing her down on to the neighbor I put my cock against her.  She stopped grinding on the dildo as she felt me push my way in.

The feeling was intense.  The toy was filling her pussy, and I could feel it against me as I slowly slid inside that ass.  My wife growled and started to push herself further down both cocks.  I reached up and grabbed her hair, wrapping it around my fist as I started to pull her towards me.  Watching my cock disappear into her depths.  Listening to the sounds desire slipping from her lips.

It did not take long, the sensations were simply too much.  Coming home and seeing two amazingly sexy women in my bed, tasting the neighbor, and feeling that second cock inside my beautiful wife.  I ground deep into my wife’s ass and let my cum fill her, letting out my own groan as my cock pulsed inside my wife’s ass.  Moments later she collapsed as an orgasm swept through her body.  The scream that escaped her lips was a deep and guttural “Fuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkk”.

We collapsed into the bed, sweaty, panting, and exhausted and the next thing I saw was the sun shining through the window.  I got up and found my wife siting at the kitchen table.  We smiled at each other and she laughed.

“She will be back this evening”

“Shit” I thought, I may never know her name…

Wild Thoughts

It is a rare instance that i have the house to myself; everyone is off doing their various things and i have a bit of time to enjoy.  He has been gone for a week and the aching that has been with me since then has reached a point that i can no longer bear.  i could easily call Him and ask for His permission to pleasure myself; He’d love nothing better to know that i am doing so.  But i am feeling feisty today and looking to maybe test a limit.  No one needs to know; He won’t be home for a while now; i can easily take care of it and get on with my day.

i go upstairs to the bedroom and rifle through the toybox until i find the dildo.  i remove my panties and skirt and settle myself on the bed.  At first i lay there playing with myself; rubbing my clit and then sticking a finger deep inside.  i think about Him there, touching me all over, using me as He wishes, whispering all that He wants to do to me.  My thoughts float to what He has done to me thus far and i find the ache growing; the need to let it go.

Slowly i fill myself with the dildo, a slow in and out as my desire builds; i can feel myself almost to the top then suddenly i hear a creak.  i whip around and find Him standing in the doorway; a small smile on His lips but it stops there.  His eyes are hard and His gaze is penetrating; i feel a knot form in my stomach as i try to gauge His reaction.  He comes over to the bed and takes the dildo from my hand, slowly shaking His head and saying, “Tsk, tsk, tsk.”

“Oh my, are you doing what i think you are doing?  Pleasuring yourself without my permission?  Again??  Well, i can see that you are just a dirty slut and it looks like i need to remind you once again that your pleasure, your body, your orgasms belong to me.”

i try to explain but His look stops me.  Silently He goes into the closet and gets out the toybox, i find myself being collared and then He brings out the blindfold.  As he slips it over my head He comes close and whispers, “Remember I love you but you must learn that you and all that you are belong to me.  I will not have you disobey me on this.”  and i am in darkness.

He cuffs my hand together and raises them above my head.  i am tied to the head of the bed.  He cuffs my ankles with the spreader bar and i feel him raise my legs into the air until i am completely exposed.  He ties the bar to the headboard as well so that my legs are bent but i cannot move.

i feel the weight on the bed shift; i hear him walk away and i try to figure out if He is still in the room or not.  After what seems like an eternity i feel something cold slide into me; i struggle to move away but i find i cannot go far and a solid smack with the riding crop stills me.  He has chilled the glass dildo and is now torturing me with it in a slow and methodical manner.  The contrast of the temperature is almost more than i can bear but i find my body betraying me as always and responding to the rhythmic in and out.  Quickly i find myself reaching the edge of release; i moan, i cry out, “Master, may i cum?”

He laughs, “Oh no, no, no my little slut. You needed to cum so badly that you were willing to defy my wishes; well i am going to teach you once and for all that you will not cum without my permission, when I decide you may.  Do you understand?”

i can’t answer, the agony is too great, i moan again and feel a sharp sting as the riding crop hits my ass.  “Answer me, do you understand?”

“Yes, Master”, i whisper.

I can hear Him chuckle softly to Himself. For a few moments longer He keeps me at the edge then suddenly i feel the cold glass gone and i hear the hum of the vibrator.  It takes its place inside of me and then i feel another hum as the small bullet is placed on my clit.  He rubs it around in a slow circle as the vibrator is moved in and out of me.  i am dying, i have to let go but He keeps reminding me in a calm voice that under no circumstance am i to cum; that i will be very sorry if i do.

For quite some time this goes on; i have no idea how long. Then i feel His hand move away leaving both objects in place, “Don’t move, do you hear me?”

“Yes, Master” i barely whisper.  i hear him walking around again and i hear the door open and close again.  i lay there in agony; i need to move, my legs are trembling, i long to fight against the restraints but i cannot.  After an eternity i hear the door open and close again.  He removes the vibrator and i feel Him move between my legs.  His hand is there sliding in and out of me.  “So wet, you are such a naughty girl aren’t you?  Always hungry for cock, always wanting to be fucked?”

I feel His mouth on my pussy, His tongue slides into me.  Instinctively i arch my back and begin to move but He holds me down.  “Oh no my love, my little whore, you aren’t going anywhere”.  And He fucks me with His tongue, sucks on my clit and brings me to the edge once more.  i moan and beg again but am met with only a, “No.”

My legs are untied but remain cuffed to the bar, my hand are untied but recuffed behind my back; i feel a warm dripping sensation on my ass, suddenly i feel something slide in as He works the beads in one by one, i arch again as He slides them in and out and rotates them as He works them deeper inside until finally they are all the way in.  I feel the vibrator slide back in and turned on.

He moves in front of me and i can feel His cock on my lips, “Open whore.” .  i open my mouth and feel His hard cock, i can taste the cum dripping off of Him.  I suck as He slides deep into my throat.  The sensations are too much and i am losing control.  Finally He removes the vibrator and moves into me.  i scream and beg again to be allowed to cum but now He says nothing.  He slams into me as hard as He can, over and over..pounding…pounding.  i am exhausted and sore now; but He is not finished and i am not sure how much longer i can bear this.

Finally i hear His voice say, “cum for me, cum my little whore.” and i explode; i can feel Him quicken his pace as i float away and He joins me, cumming deep inside of me.  After a moment He slows to a gentle stroking pace, i can no longer keep myself up.  I feel Him uncuff my hands and ankles and He rolls me onto my side into His arms.  The blindfold is removed and i find myself looking right into His eyes.  The smile is there now and He says, “is my little whore satisfied now?  Did she get the cock she needed?”

i nod, to exhausted to even whisper an answer.  i know again that my body belongs completely to Master, i’ve learned that lesson though part of me is glad to have been taught it and may be tempted to be retrained again someday.