Staying Home?

Now is a great opportunity to work on your relationship with your spouse, significant other, random stranger you got stuck in a hotel with, family, friends, even your dog!

Take some time to talk, make a plan for yourselves for things you want to do, things to accomplish, and take the dog for a walk.

Things might seem scary, so take them apart into small pieces and you can find they are much easier to handle.

Staying home isn’t a prison sentence, use it to your advantage. If you are new to BDSM, create some rules and start working towards the relationship you want. If you are an old hat, try something new like cooking together or go on a hike.

Turn today into an opportunity; and don’t forget to find a way to help your neighbors. 1 in 4 kids in the US don’t get enough to eat. There are a lot of people out there losing their jobs, so watch over your friends and family!

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