Shower Sex


Not always the easiest to accomplish, but worth the effort!

Cosmo provides these “recommendations” that cover everything but actual intercourse:

My favorite comments come from this article ( because it includes “safety” recommendations like holding onto something.This one is fun as well, it has a grown man crying in one of the photos:

In the end the “experts” seem to agree, it will depend on the size and shape of your shower; but here are 10 positions to try:

Remember, the shower part may help your sex life as well:


Rule Change

The rules have been adjusted again, they are an ever changing set, we removed a lot of things that we were not doing to streamline the set.

As always, these are not a set of rules for the everyone; and they are certainly not perfect.

We keep a copy online in the hope that they will help others to establish their own set of rules.

For some they may be too strict and for others to soft, that is the nature of any writing or guide.

The links to the rules can be found on the left side of the page.

December 26th

Based on my totally unscientific review of the stats on the site here, it looks like the day after Christmas drove people to be interested in D/s.

I wonder what people got for Christmas, were they excited about their gifts and wanted to look up more details; or where they disappointed and went looking for something that they really wanted.

Interesting that there is jump, I wonder if it is universal for adult content in general.