It started out with my weekly dusting routine; I didn’t have a chance to get upstairs finished yesterday so it was first on the list for today.

We have a shelf/shadow box in our bedroom that holds little knickknacks that both of us have acquired over the years; more mine than Daddy’s as I tend to be a horder…I mean sentimentalist.

But as I am now the primary keeper of our house I am finding that having to take the time to take every last item off of every last shelf to dust them as well as the shelf itself is annoying and time consuming. As I looked at the things on the shelf I found myself wondering what really meant something to me up there and what was just there because I was simply holding on to it. I texted Daddy and asked him about a few of the things that belonged to him to see if he wanted to keep them.  Two of them he did and the rest he was indifferent to.

So I started to make piles; things that had meaning like the little figurine Daddy gave me for my first birthday that we were dating; a small memory box our oldest child made for me for Mothers Day when she was two; the small clay sculptures Daddy had made when he was little.  A pile of things we wanted to keep but needed to find a place elsewhere in the house and finally the things I was ready to let go of; including the shelf itself.

I moved onto the shelves in our hallway that had my doll collection and various trophies and medals.  Again I began making piles and by the end everything I decided to keep fit on two small shelves.

I expected to have a hard time letting go of all of these things; many of them I had been holding onto since childhood.  But I found myself feeling free almost; there were memories in everything I had let go of but the things that remained were the important ones.

And suddenly I realize it was time to start decluttering myself.  I tend to hold onto a lot; anger, hurt, sadness and sometimes those block out the worthwhile thoughts and memories.  Prior to meeting Daddy I was involved in an emotionally abusive relationship and all of that baggage often clouded my relationship with him; even eighteen years later.  Those weren’t the only things I needed to let go off; the guilt and anger I have felt towards Daddy in the past prior to our dynamic shift, the years of pushing him away and the dislike I have towards myself. 

I view the change our relationship has taken as a freeing thing.  We are much more open with each other, we are willing to work on the things that strengthen us, I am finding myself wanting to move beyond boundaries. It is helping me let go and focus on what brings me happiness and what matters most.  I won’t be able to declutter everything at once; but I’m sorting through and making piles. 

Erotic Story: Hardware Store

  I caught sight of her again at the other end of the tool aisle, she appeared for only an instant as she crossed the isle, her boots clicking on the concrete floor almost in time with the rattle of the cart she had picked out. I admired her shape, the way her jeans disappeared into the top of the boots, their tight smooth grip upon her thighs and ass, the tight sweater above them, following the curves of her body past her chest to where her hair fell across her shoulders in cascades of brown.

She had entered the store just ahead of me and I had been mesmerized by the way she swayed as she walked. As we entered the store she had turned right and I had made a left to find some specialty drill bits.

Shaking my head to clear the visions of her, on her back, legs up… no… drill bits, we are here for some drill bits! Humm… I’d drill… STAY FOCUSED!

I turned back to the drill bits and located the one I was looking for; but instead of heading to the checkout I wandered down the aisle and turned to follow her. I could not stop myself from thinking with my dick and it was certainly leading me through the hardware store now.

I turned a corner and there she was bent over, looking at some house numbers on the shelf. I had been looking the other way as I took the corner and I ended up bumping right into her.

“Oh… I am sorry! I was not paying attention to where I was going”, I blurted out, hoping that she had not noticed my erection as I pulled myself away from her.

She smiled and slowly turned, “No problem at all, I guess I was blocking a bit of the aisle” she responded as she looked me up and down and reached across the aisle to grab her cart and move it out of the way.

Deciding my cock had gotten me into enough trouble I made a line for the registers and got out of the store; but as I was headed back to the car one of the sheds they always have outside of the hardware stores caught my eye. It was on sale for about 75% off and I had always wanted to setup a small shed as a workroom for some of my projects.

I detoured over to the shed to take a look at it. The sale was on the display model and I was checking out the paneling and condition of the shed. I made a few passes around the outside and then went to check the interior. The shed had a couple of higher windows and a skylight so there was plenty of light inside even after the door closed behind me, although there were some areas that were cast in shadow. The shed itself was a high end model, the doors could even be locked from the inside. I was examining the shelving in the back of the shed as the door opened and closed behind me and I heard the click of a pair of boots coming across the floor.

Before I could turn around, a hand slipped around my waste and the same voice that had apologized for blocking an aisle whispered into my ear, “You were so excited to see me earlier, I did not want to disappoint you.”

My dick shot to attention as she unzipped my pants and had her hands around the shaft of my cock. I was spun around and found myself pressed against the back wall, almost uncomfortable shoved against the shelves there as her mouth slid its way down my shaft.

She wasted no time at all – her head was bobbing up and down my cock small moans escaping her lips as she stroked the shaft of my cock and wrapped her lips around the tip of my dick swirling her tongue around me, devouring, thirsty, greedily taking me into her mouth.

I grabbed at the shelves for traction as she licked at my cock a growl coming from her throat as she attacked it. As quickly as she started, it was over. She had stood back up and was looking directly into my eyes, licking her lips. Everything about that look screamed desire!

I spun her around and pushed her up against the wall, pulling her jeans down to discover a shaved clean mound so wet that it had been dripping into her pants.

I bent her forward and drove my cock into that wet cunt, fiercely pounding it over and over until a guttural cry escaped her lips and she came hard. The orgasm making her shake as she tried to hold herself upright and push back against my thrusts.

I could think of nothing but filling that tight little cunt with my own cum and I felt my dick harden as my own cum forced its way deep into her as I pushed her against the wall trying to drive myself even deeper inside of her, wanting to fill every inch.

As the euphoria left us she turned and looked at me and said “this was a great idea honey!”

I looked into my wife’s eyes and laughed, “I told you… all of my ideas are great”.

Erotic Story: In the Bedroom

 She saw a red glow coming from around the corner as she made her way up the steps and she wondered why the normal soft white light had been replaced.

She was carrying a glass of water, her current book, and some chocolate thinking of nothing but climbing into the tub to read and soak away a day of taking care of the house and kids.

She stopped short as she rounded the corner and saw the rose petals on the floor leading down the short hall to the bedroom; where that soft red light was emanating from.

She reached the bedroom door and paused again.  There were red sheets of what looked like silk and black lace across the lights. The bed had been moved, rose petals covered it and the floor and in the middle of the room was Sir’s bench.  A long black table with silver tie down anchors covering its length.  Next to the bed was a bottle of wine and two glasses, already half full of her favorite brand, it had a light pink tint that never failed to made her smile.

Her body immediately responded, a tingling sensation, warmth, desire flooded through her; and that is when the world went dark.

He had been standing in the newly painted bedroom behind her, watching his beautiful wife stand in the doorway to the master bedroom.  He approached quietly, fearing she would hear him at any moment.  When He was close enough, He stretched the blindfold in His hands and reached over her head, pulling it down over her eyes before she could respond.

He grabbed her wrists and pulled them behind her back, clicking the handcuffs into place as He pushed her into the room.

He helped her to her knees and placed a collar around her neck.  An audible click as the leash was snapped into place echoed lightly around the room.

He slipped his fingers under her chin and raised her lips to His, kissing her deeply.  Then the chain tightened in His hand, pulling at her neck she followed His command, rising to her feet.

He led her to the bench and bent her over it.  She heard them first – the ropes slipping through the eye hooks on the sides of the bench.  Then they slid across her body and she was stuck.  He watched as she tried to squirm her way out, a smile playing across His lips as He stepped back to make her wait.

He had lashed her down while she was wearing a cotton night gown so He slid it up and pushed the hem under the ropes holding her in place, leaving her ass exposed and vulnerable.  His fingers slid over her legs, starting with her feet and sliding across her calves, then the back of her thighs, and finally across her ass. Fingernails lightly scraping against her skin.  Goosebumps followed the trail He left up her legs.  She tried to shake them but He grabbed her ankles and tied them in place against the wooden frame of the bench.

Then He stood up and she heard the sound of something sliding across fabric.  Her mind raced to determine what it was; and as the belt struck her ass she knew He had taken it off to torture her.

The leather belt struck her ass over and over.  What started out as pale white had turned pink and then red as He struck her bottom.

The pain was shooting through her straight to her clit.  Her cunt had become soaked.  She tried to push backwards to meet His strike but she could not move.  She needed to feel the belt against her again and again.

Too soon, the belt stopped, she wanted… no needed more; but then she felt the whip drag across her body.  She knew the glass handle was in His hand.  Her pussy started to drip, would He put it in her?  She was on fire, she needed more!

He dragged the leather strips of the whip across her pussy, over her ass, and then crack – they landed against her clit.  She jumped.

They hit again, striking between her legs against her pink lips, touching everywhere.  The whip struck again and again, caressing her pussy, striking against her clit.  Driving her crazy.

Then it happened, the handle… He slipped the bulb on the end into her, just past her lips, it filled her, pushing her pussy to the limits as He slowly slipped it into her.  He rocked the handle back and fourth, letting it slip just out of her lips then pushed it back into her.  His slow and steady rhythm brought her closer and closer to an orgasm.

“Daddyyyy… Ohhh… Please… Need…To… Cum…” she grunted.



Then it changed.  The handle disappeared and his fingers gently caressed her pussy as she moaned in frustration.  He held her there, at the edge of her orgasm, wanting to cum, wanting to explode but He refused to say “Yes”.

Then she heard the wand.  Heard it buzz and knew what was next.  He pressed it against her clit and she heard the words she needed to hear “Now princess, you may cum.”

She exploded, soaking the wand, squirting and groaning as the release shook through her.  The wand’s touch was light and as she came down He pressed it against her, keeping her clit excited.

Then He slipped the handle back inside her.  Like a large glass dildo it filled her, grinding against her sensitive spots sending her immediately over the edge and all she could say was “AGGGGGAINNNN!!!”

“Yes” He almost whispered and she came hard.  Shaking, sucking the dildo inside of her, wanting His thick, warm, cum filled cock to pound into her as the vibrations stopped and the wand disappeared.

Groaning and sweating she felt the intrusion as the plug slid into her ass.  Between the dildo in her pussy and the plug in her ass the pressure, pain, and pleasure all mixed together.  He held it in place as he pushed the dildo in and out of her, watching her moan and squirm in pleasure as He filled her holes.

He watched as her body went ridged again, and knew before she was going to ask.  He gave her permission and watched as she let go again, her body shaking from the pleasure.  As she relaxed he pulled the glass handle out of her and slipped His cock inside.

She gasped as He pushed deep into her pussy.  Taking what was His.  His excitement was evident as He pounded away at her.  His balls slapping against her clit as He drove into her cunt.  He smacked her ass, grabbing a hold of the left cheek as He kept the plug in place.  The pressure was intense, the feel of the plug rubbing against His cock through the thin barrier between her ass and pussy sent her rocketing down into another orgasm.

“CUMMM” was all she could say; and it pushed Him to the edge as well.

“Cum with me baby girl!” He groaned; and they exploded together.

Later as He held her close in bed, a glasses of wine in their hands they smiled and kissed enjoying the memory of the evening and looked forward to tomorrow night.

Kamasutra (100 Positions)


Flipping through Pinterest provides me with lots of great information.  Not only on the human psyche but with great finds that people have already located and correlated for me.

It is a great tool for both Dominant and submissive.

This morning I found a link to 100 positions from the Kamasutra.  I have a copy of the book; but I always like to see the ones that get pulled out for “popular use”.

Check out the site here:



Nature decided long ago that a key survival tool was an animals perception/first impression of their surroundings and other animals.

Mice, deer, roaches, and other prey learn to evaluate a situation quickly or die.  Humans carry these same set of skills and use them in the same way.

In certain situations our fight or flight nature takes over.  In others we take a measure of the individual sitting across the table from us at a restaurant, business meeting, legal proceeding or wherever we find ourselves.

One of the things that makes BDSM culture unique is that people from all “walks” of life participate.  Creating an environment were a CEO may interact with a heavily tattooed biker.

Unlike many activities like organized sports and hobbies, which tend to focus more on a specific group of people, the typical social barriers, gender roles, and methods of interacting can find themselves turned on their head or eliminated completely.

That makes a BDSM cultural exchange one of the few “niche” sub-cultures that is able to take people past skin color, economic brackets, and corporate positions and open opportunities for individuals to interact in ways that are not readily available outside of this social context.

Forget about all the other amazing things that BDSM allows you to experience; and just imagine a world where this ideal could exist everywhere!

Unlocking the Sexy in Surrender

This is an interesting book from the psychological state of men and women today.  

I found that it hits the nail on the head over several points.

Today’s man has been trained to be sensitive and concerned about their women’s needs.

This tends to carry over the bedroom as well.

However it creates a conflict with the women’s primal nature.  A woman’s subconscious is still driven towards wanting a man to dominate her (at least in the bedroom). 

Now that does not have to be in the BDSM [D/s] style but the female nature is to be attracted to an assertive male.

There are always exceptions to this rule; but in general the female brain is wired to be attracted to strong males (or in some cases, strong assertive females).

Being a Little

As I (the Dom in our relationship) look around on the Twitter and the Internet I am always amused at the terms I find and how people relate to them.

My wife and I have found that the term Daddy and little work for us.  I have the role of Daddy in the aspect that I care, nurture, and protect her.

She in turn enjoys being a little.  Not in the aspect of age-play.  We both agree that with daughters in the house that such a regressive state is not in our best interest.  She may have some youthful yearnings such as liking a good coloring book and sometimes sucking her thumb during sex (which is admittedly hot).

I accept the title “Daddy” or “Sir” and as my wife just pointed out, “Daddy” tends to be more appropriate in front of our daughters.  I find that I spend a lot of time in the “Daddy” role around the house.  It makes it a natural for me.

At the same time, she does a lot of submissive things like managing the house.  She cooks, cleans and finds that she thrives in that 1950 style role of the woman as the keeper of the castle.  The kids and I pitch in; but she is responsible for 90% of the work as she is a stay at home mother.

I think it is exciting that we, as a society, have gone from “man and woman” to a wide range of titles that we feel best describe ourselves.  Although I do find the entire politically correct movement to be very out of control.

I do not feel that I need people to call me a “BDSM Dominant interested adult male” I can just go by “a guy” or “dude”.  As a society we tend to put a lot of value in titles; and not in people.  Which is a very poor direction to be headed.

I realize I have gotten off topic now, so I will jump back and say that I found this great reference site that prompted this post:

It is a good read no matter what interest brought you to this site.