Raw Confesssions

I came across the website “Raw Confessions” where people can post their “confessions” and have people comment on them.

Some of the confessions are fairly tame, but there are a few that are much more “bold” in nature.

Reading though the stories and the comments I was suprised to find that:

  • A lot of the confessions about about incest.
  • There are a lot of judgemental responses to a lot of the posts.
  • I suspect a lot of the stories are fake.

What I found most disturbing was the number of people that commented about how they had incestual relationships.  One guy mentioned that he had intercoure with is 8 year old because “the 8 year old asked him to.”

Now I am not trying to judge here; but how does an 8 year old, who probably still has trouble picking what shirt to wear make a decision about something like that.

At age 8 I cannot imagine any of us are ready for sex or to deal with the mix of feelings that sleeping with your father would create.

I get the sleeping with step-parents or step-siblings.  I can even wrap my head around sleeping with a family member if everyone is an adult; but come on… 8!?!?

I do not know what is more disappointing, the fact that this individual was posting this message or that a number of people were encouraging him.

My only thought is to encourage him to see a therapist; because it feels like he has confused love for the physical act and created a trap for his child.

Anyway; there are some funny things on the site and some interesting stories.  

Check it out, just be careful what you click on!

Mad Max: The Feminist Agenda

While traveling I like to go see movies and the opportunity came up to see Mad Max: Fury Road last night in 3D.

The best part of the movie is the chase car that has the drummers and the flamethrower guitar.  That was a cool idea!

Other than that, it was the same thing that we have seen out of Hollywood, a sequel that while OK, does not live up to the awesomeness of the first.

What I did not see was the “feminist agenda” that is mentioned on websites such as this: http://reverbpress.com/sexes/mens-rights-activists-mad-feminist-agenda-mad-max-call-boycott-video/

The story is a hero who realizes that keeping people as objects AGAINST THEIR WILL, is wrong.  The key here being the against their will part.  Men and women should always have the same basic rights, even in a BDSM or D/s relationship.  While they may want to be treated as objects as part of that relationship they are still people and have a value beyond that of a PS4 or a canoe.  Both of which are objects that we can get hours of pleasure out of.

The movie has a balance of both the female and male leads being bad ass and the focus is more on both of them looking for redemption than on any agenda (other than to get away from a megalomaniac).

On the other hand, there are a lot of chains, restraints, and other toys in the movie, so it gets my vote there; but certainly do not boycot it because of any agenda the movie does not have!