I decided that we should start Twitter accounts. I like the idea of sharing and can help me to grow my pet.

I bring this up because a psychiatrist has elected to follow me on Twitter, which I find to be curious, mostly because I only have a handful of followers.

Now my tastes and those of my wife/pet are a bit different. She is quiet and reserved while I am boisterous and outgoing. Unfortunately this tends to limit us in that because of her concerns of people knowing about “this side of our relationship” I cannot really seek the help that I think would be valuable to us. That leaves me with reading and following digitally.

It is a bit frustrating knowing that there are people here in town that I can talk too and meet with to grow our relationship but out of respect for my wife’s limitations I do not.

So it is interesting to see who/what is on Twitter and follows us. My goal is to use this as a tool that pushes my wife. A little bit of knowledge, a little bit of embarrassment, and a lot of love!

Our relationship is in a bit of a stop position due to work and other commitments. We are trying to find time when we can reload and get started again but at times I question my skills as a dominant because I lack the resources to really help me define what I should be doing.

We keep at it and we’ll get it!

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